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How do I properly use and maintain tools and machinery to minimize the risk of injury?

February 04, 20231 min read

To properly use and maintain tools and machinery to minimize the risk of injury according to WorkSafeBC, follow these guidelines:

  1. Read the instruction manuals and operating procedures carefully before using any tools or machinery.

  2. Use the right tool for the job and ensure it is in good condition before using it.

  3. Inspect tools and machinery before each use to ensure they are in safe working condition, and do not use them if they are damaged or defective.

  4. Use personal protective equipment (PPE), such as eye protection, gloves, and hearing protection, as required for the specific tool or machinery being used.

  5. Maintain tools and machinery regularly, including cleaning, lubricating, and repairing them as necessary, and keep them in good working order.

  6. Store tools and machinery properly when not in use, and keep them out of the reach of unauthorized individuals.

  7. Train workers on the proper use and maintenance of tools and machinery, and provide them with any necessary PPE.

By following these guidelines, you can minimize the risk of injury when using tools and machinery in the workplace.

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